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Cooper Named Golf Coaches All-America Scholar

August 14, 1998

Notre Dame sophomore Beth Cooper (Kalamazoo, Mich.) is among 116 Division I women’s golfers nationwide who have been selected by the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) to its annual All-America Scholar team for 1997-98.

Criteria for selection include a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.40 (on a 4.00 scale), academic standing of at least a sophomore and play in at least 66 percent of a team’s competitive rounds.

Two Notre Dame men’s golfers–senior Bryan Weeks and sophomore Brad Hardin–previously were named to the All-America Scholar team for men’s golf, making Notre Dame one of 23 schools in the nation with at least one men’s and one women’s golfer on the 1997-98 All-America Scholar teams. Ten of those schools–five of them from the Midwest District- totaled three or more All-America Scholars: Iowa State (4), Michigan State (4), Indiana (3), LSU (3), Nebraska (3), Notre Dame (3), Ohio State (3), South Carolina (3), Texas Tech (3) and Wyoming (3).

Notre Dame was one of 14 schools in the nation in 1996-97 to place both a men’s (Weeks) and women’s (Kristin Schaner) golfer on the All-America Scholar team and joins Indiana, Ohio State and Penn State as the nation’s only schools to produce a men’s and women’s GCAA All-America Scholar during each of the past two years.

Cooper owns a 3.60 cumulative grade-point average in the College of Business Administration. She played in eight tournaments during the 1997-98 season, averaging 83.48 strokes over 21 rounds and counting to the team score in 11 of her 17 team rounds played.

Cooper was one of 31 women’s golfers from the 32-school Midwest District who were named All-America Scholars for 1997-98.


Aimee Aardema (Weber State), Amber Amstutz (Ohio State), Eden Anderson (California), Apryl Arrants (South Carolina), Elizabeth Bahensky (Nebraska), Erin Belling (Northern Illinois), Paola Belloti (Washington), Ellen Bishop (Michigan State), Isabelle Blais (Oklahoma), Allison Bloomquist (Wisconsin)

Nicole Bolter (California), Donna Boom (Minnesota), Kellee Booth (Arizona State), Julia Boros (Georgia), Megan Breen (Mississippi), Karen Bristow (Oregon), Jeanne Busuttil (Arizona State), Sarah Capie (Florida State), Erin Carney (Indiana), Christy Carter (Tulane), Angie Cates (Washington State), Sara Conley (Ohio), Cortney Conway (Northern Illinois), Beth Cooper (Notre Dame), Keri Cornelius (Arizona State), Mallory Crosland (Vanderbilt), Amy Dahle (Minnesota), Louise Davis (Northern Arizona), Kerru DeHaven (Arkansas-Little Rock), Erin Doyle (Southern Mississippi)

Amylou Dueck (Northwestern), Kate Dunn (New Mexico State), Anna Eathorne (New Mexico State), Kelli Edinger (Lamar), Amy Eilers (Northern State), Mandy Eilers (Nothern State), Leslie Elliot (Oklahoma), Cathy Ennis (Iowa State), Sheloa Fieldseth (Nothern State), Naima Ghilain (Memphis), Susanne Gillemo (BYU), Jenny Glasgow (Pepperdine), Jill Gomric (Arizona), Jennifer Gray (Indiana), Anika Heuser (Oregon), Riko Higaship (Florida)

April Holly (Michigan State), Tenille Howe (Weber State), Lotta Jonson (North Carolina-Greensboro), Pia Josefsson (Mississippi State), Aurora Kirchner (Texas A&M), Katie Kloster (Nothern State), Kendy Kuczka (Southern Methodist), Danielle LaVoie (Southern California), Lisette Lee (Louisiana State), Amie Lehman (Duke), Melanie Lepp (LSU), Megan Leuzinger (Northern Illinois), Sara Linneman (Iowa State), Emma Lofgren (South Carolina), Michelle Louviere (LSU), Valerie Luehrs (Memphis), Ranonne McAlester (Oral Roberts), Lesley McClurg (Northern Arizona), Erin McGraw (Indianapolis), Nell Macke (Illinois)

Cathy Matthews (Iowa State), Andrea Meeker (Wisconsin), Leigh Mondrawickas (Carthage), Kimberly Murphy (Grand Valley State), Ellen Nester (Northern State), Tanice Nilson (Methodist), Shannon Ogg (Georgia), Carina Olsson (Oregon State), Dianne Overstreet (Northern Arizona), Summer Phinney (North Carolina-Greensboro), Jessica Popiel (Toledo), Skye Porter, Krissie Register (Arizona), Erin Rogers (San Francisco), Natasha Rowe (Oklahoma State), Heather Schmitt (St. Benedict), Meggan Schumaker (Michigan State)

Erin Scott (Southern Mississippi), Kelly Scribner (Franklin), Stacy Sewell (Texas), Bree Sharatt (Colorado State), Ann Slater (Kansas State), Jamie Smith (Southern Illinois), Kami Smith (Auburn), Sarah Smith (Wyoming), Elisabet Somer (Franklin), Linda Sorensen (Alabama), Katie Soule (Longwood), Gina Spalitto (Missouri), Brenda Stork (Buena Vista), Julie Strang (Luther), Lisa Strom (Ohio State), Erin Stukart (Truman State), Susan Swaffin (William & Mary)

Rachelle Tacha (Nebraska), Rachel Thompson (Tennessee), Christina Tolerton (Furman), Kelly Trapp (Wisconsin), Holly Turton (Penn State), Jamie Vannoy (Texas Tech), Andrea Walker (Southern Illinois), Fiona Watson (Iowa State), Jenni Wedemeyer (Buena Vista), Kristianne Weichert (Minnesota), Patricia White (North Carolina), Kami Whitehead (Weber State), Jessica Widman (Murray State), Shayne Wild (Miami, FL), Alexis Yamakoski (Ohio), Jami Zimmerman (Southern Illinois).