Compton Family Ice Arena Rules and Responsibilities

Ice Time

  • The Compton Family Ice Arena is a curfew arena. Groups licensed to use the Compton Family Ice Arena are not allowed to run over the contracted license period.
  • Ice is booked in 60-minute increments with 10 of those minutes reserved for resurfacing the ice. Everyone must remain off of the ice until the resurfacer doors are closed.
  • User is responsible for ensuring that its participants are not on the ice early and that they leave the ice at the end of the licensed period.

Locker Rooms

  • User and its participants must vacate the locker room (if applicable) within 30 minutes of the end of ice time.
  • User must provide adult supervision in the locker room at all times.
  • Keys to the locker room may be picked up at the Pro Shop by the Coach or Manager of the User 30 minutes before the scheduled ice time. Car keys are accepted in exchange for the locker room keys.
  • Players and participants will be able to see the locker room they are assigned to by looking at the monitors in the lobby.

Banned Substances/Items

  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs and illegal substances of any kind are prohibited from being brought into or possessed in the Compton Family Ice Arena, except alcoholic beverages may be served by the University within the Compton Family Ice Arena in accordance with applicable University policy.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the Compton Family Ice Arena at all times.
  • Firearms and all other weapons are prohibited in any area of the Compton Family Ice Arena at all times.
  • Littering in the Compton Family Ice Arena is prohibited.

Condition of Facility:

  • User must leave all facilities in the condition as found at the start of the licensed period.
  • Damages to the facilities must be reported to Compton Family Ice Arena officials as soon as they are known.
  • All damages occurring during any User’s use of facility will be charged to User.
  • Contents of water bottles shall not be emptied onto the ice surfaces (treated water is used for ice making).


  • User must maintain order among its participants and guests, and must protect persons and property at all times.
  • User must not admit to the premises as its participants or guests a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move about in the premises.
  • Compton Family Ice Arena officials reserve the right to eject any person(s) from the premises who does not comply with these rules or who is otherwise engaging in unruly, threatening, disruptive, or dangerous behavior.
  • User is responsible for making any spectators aware of the dangers associated with skating, being hit with flying hockey pucks or other specific dangers related to the activity.
  • User must comply with all normal rules of ice during public skating sessions and other rules of participating with the activity being performed on the ice.
  • Ice may be used only for the purpose intended and identified in the contract.
  • User shall not put up or operate any engine, motor, or machinery on the premises of the Compton Family Ice Arena or use oils, burning fluids, kerosene, naphtha, gasoline, or other chemical agents for either mechanical or other purposes, except with prior express written permission of the Compton Family Ice Arena.
  • Marked exits in the Compton Family Ice Arena are not to be blocked by User at any time.

Food and Beverage

  • All food and beverage concessions will be operated through the Compton Family Ice Arena. Food and beverage is prohibited on the ice at all times.


  • User may not hang any posters, banners, streamers, or signs of any kind or character on, inside, or outside the Compton Family Ice Arena without the prior express permission of the Compton Family Ice Arena. The Compton Family Ice Arena reserves the right to remove at any time any previously approved signs of any kind.
  • Participants must be alert and vigilant to signage warning of dangers such as:
      1. Skate at your own risk
      2. Watch for flying pucks
      3. Slippery when wet
      4. ND not responsible for stolen property. Participants should use the coin operated lockers and return the key when done.


  • The University is not responsible for lost property. Contact the Pro Shop for inquiries about lost items.
  • Users must remove from the Compton Family Ice Arena at the end of the rental period any property brought into the Arena by the Users. Any property not so removed will be deemed abandoned property.