Sept. 2, 2015 NOTRE DAME, Ind. – CoachMePlus announced the addition of The University of Notre Dame to its growing list of NCAA and professional sports clients. CoachMePlus will be the athlete performance management system for all Notre Dame Olympic sports teams. The CoachMePlus platform will be utilized by the Sports Performance team to centralize the numerous athlete sports performance data points and quickly uncover performance trends to evaluate game-day readiness.

Over the past six months, CoachMePlus has worked with the Fighting Irish Sports Performance team to advance their athlete performance data management operation. The CoachMePlus system substantiates Notre Dame’s distinctive needs by creating specialized reports and dashboards, specific to Notre Dame Athletics.

“CoachMePlus enables us to integrate and assess data from many technologies and assessments which impact our Olympic sport student-athletes’ ability to maximize their performance” Matt Howley, Director of Sports Science for Notre Dame Athletics.

CoachMePlus works with professional and collegiate sports teams to manage their athletes’ sports performance data. By integrating with numerous wearable and measurement devices, CoachMePlus develops unique reports and dashboards for teams that allow faster, more accurate and all-encompassing data delivery; ultimately improving an athlete’s game-day readiness.

“We are thrilled to be working with Notre Dame Athletics,” said Kevin Dawidowicz, President and Co-Founder of CoachMePlus. “The Fighting Irish are dedicated to creating a robust performance data management system and we are excited to work alongside them to support their specific processes for daily monitoring and evaluation of performance trends.”

In 2003, Dawidowicz and the other founders started providing computerized off-season workout programs for an NHL franchise. In 2012, CoachMePlus was founded to meet the growing demands of the sports science and sports performance industry. It has been transforming the world of applied sport science data integration ever since. The centralized system brings a level of sophistication to tracking athlete information like no other. A company grounded on expertise, innovation and client services, CoachMePlus is the go-to system for over 45 professional and collegiate athletic teams and 20,000 athletes. CoachMePlus is headquartered in Buffalo, NY with offices in New York City. For more information visit