UND Staff

Sue Molnar

Office Assistant

phone 631-6929
Email Susan.M.Molnar.7@nd.edu

Susan Molnar, who joined the University of Notre Dame staff in October 1989, is a senior staff assistant for Men’s and Women’s Tennis at the Eck Tennis Pavilion.

Molnar, who is a native of South Bend, worked for Associates Financial Corporation from 1965 to 1975.

Molnar has three children – Matthew Molnar who resides in Jamestown, New York and is father to six year old daughter Miranda, who will be in first grade this fall; Michelle Molnar Peli, who lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and four children (Kaitlin, 18, Alex, 14, Thomas, 12 and Benjamin, 6); and Meredith Molnar Deckard, who resides in Bloomington, Indiana with her 11-year old daughter, Mikayla.

Molnar loves spending time with her children and grandchildren as time and money allow, and she also enjoys traveling, crocheting, country music and line dancing in addition to being a staunch supporter of both Notre Dame men’s and women’s tennis teams.

Her constant companion is a four-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog Bella, who she says is a poster child for the breed for the loving kindness she shows to everyone. They co-exist with her two Maine Coon cats, Sammy and Harley.