UND Staff

Sue Halasz

Senior Staff Assistant

phone 631-3630
Email shalasz@nd.edu

Sue Halasz is in her eighth year at the University of Notre Dame. She works with the hockey and fencing programs.

For six years prior to her arrival at Notre Dame, Halasz was a design coordinator for A’Homestead Shoppe in Lapaz, Ind. In 1976, Halasz received an associate degree in secretarial science from the Michiana College of Commerce. For the next ten years, she worked for Hart Indiana as a junior accountant. Halasz then spent four years as a financial analyst for Tower Federal Savings & Loan. She returned to school at Indiana University South Bend where she graduated in 1989 with an associate degree in business administration. Halasz would then work for L.S. Ayers for seven years before moving to A’Homestead Shoppe.

A native of Lakeville, Ind., Halasz is married to Jim Halasz and has two children, Hope who attended Indiana University South Bend and Glenn who is attending Indiana University Bloomington. In her free time, Halasz enjoys singing, playing the piano, and sewing. She loves to travel and has been to nearly all 50 states.