UND Staff

Jacquie Holdren

Custodial Services Supervisor

phone 631-3350
Email jholdren@nd.edu

Jacquie Holdren is in her first year as the Athletics Department Custodial Supervisor, and has worked at the University of Notre Dame since 2006. She started as a student supervisor at the Hesburgh Library before moving over to work in the human resources department at Grace Hall. Her office is currently located within the Joyce Center, where she supervises 17 housekeeping staff members. Holdren graduated from Fort Wayne Business College with an accounting degree in 1981, and currently resides in South Bend with her husband, Dennis. The couple has four children (Kalie, Erica, Aaron and Stephanie), four grandchildren, three dogs and two rabbits. In her free time, Holdren enjoys weaving scarves with a loom, going for bike rides and teaching water aerobics classes at the Rockne Memorial Pool.