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Chat With Senior Guard Matt Carroll

Chat with Matt Carroll Thursday.

Chat With Matt Carroll

Welcome to the chat room. This week’s special guest is senior guard Matt Carroll. He dropped by on Thursday, January 16 to talk about his senior season, the team and everything else on Irish fans’ mind.

Carroll and the Irish are off to one of the team’s best starts in history. The Irish captain leads the team in scoring with a 19.7 scoring average and is averaging 25.0 points in BIG EAST play. Carroll has been the only Irish player who has scored in double figures in all 16 games and has topped the 20-point mark in five of the last eight games and in seven contests overall.

Notre Dame has played four top 10 opponents and owns three wins over those teams – No. 10 Marquette (92-71), No. 8 Maryland (79-67) and No. 2 Texas (98-91). The Irish earned those victories in consecutive outings over a six-day stretch (Dec. 2-8). It marked the first time that an Irish team had beaten three straight top 10 opponents in the program’s history.

Matt Carroll: Hey, this is Matt Carroll. I am ready to take the big challenge of answering all your great questions!
reshawn whitmore south bend: Mr. carroll,who is the toughest player you have ever went head to head against?
Matt Carroll: Jay Williams from Duke was the toughest player went head-to-head with.
Dave D Rochester,In.: What are your thoughts about the Kentucky game? Will the team be ready for their defensive pressure?
Matt Carroll: We will be ready for UK. We worked on breaking their press today in practice.
vadomer (chantilly, va): Matt, congratulations on a fabulous career with the Irish. Which game out of the 4 years that you’ve played for ND would you say was the most exciting for you?
Matt Carroll: The Georgetown game last year in the MCI Center. It was the longest game in BIG EAST history. And all the NCAA tournament games were very exciting. There is nothing like it.
Annette Bravo (Visalia, CA): 1. What do you like most about being on the Irish team? 2. After this season, are you still planning on continuing your basketball career?
Matt Carroll: I value the relationships I have formed while playing for Notre Dame. And I plan on playing pro ball next year.
Melanie (Pittsburgh): I have heard you grew up in Pittsburgh…what part of Pittsburgh are you from?
Matt Carroll: Melanie, I was from Wexford, right outside of Pittsburgh.
Margaret from Pittsburgh: Matt, is it true that you got all your shooting skills from your Uncle Mike – that’s what he keeps telling us in the office.
Matt Carroll: That is partially true. He did give me some valuable skills but I am a lot better shooter than he every was so I think some came from my Uncle Don and grandfather.
Alison (Chicago): Besides the Joyce Center, what are your favorite venues?
Matt Carroll: My favorite venues are the MCI Center in Washington D.C. and Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Zicca-Chicago: What advice do tou have for teens that wnat to make it to a big name college and play basketball through there college years and hope to move on to pro?
Matt Carroll: Hard work, dedication, determination and surrounding yourself with good people are necessary to make it.
Maureen (Tucson, AZ.): What is your favorite restaurant in South Bend?
Matt Carroll: My favorite restaurant would have to be Parisis’.
Matt & Aaron (Pottstown, PA): Matt, Congratulations on the great season – you know we’re rooting for you! Were you disappointed that the schedule couldn’t be worked out for you to play against St. Joe’s (PA) and your brother Pat this year?
Matt Carroll: Yes, I was disappointed. I would have liked to light my brother up for at least 30 points and have crushed St. Joe’s.
Matt Carroll: Harvey – I usually always get the best of my brother. He is still too skinny for me.
Ryan (Bethesda):: Were you a Notre Dame fan growing up? Where did you grow up?
Matt Carroll: I have always been a Notre Dame fan growing up.
Mel (Horsham): Hi Matt. You had those two awesome dunks in the beginning of the year. Why don’t you dazzle the audience more often with your “two hand slams?”
Matt Carroll: Mel – I was just proving to everybody that I can dunk. I enjoy shooting the three more but maybe if your lucky I will show you another monster jam!
Brett (indy): Whats your favorite part of going to Notre Dame?
Matt Carroll: The people here are my favorite part.
Scott (Stillwater, OK): Matt: Congrats on a great season so far. You have been a huge part of getting this program back to where it should be. As you go throught he season, how do you motivate the other guys on the team to go out and win every game?
Matt Carroll: I try to make everyone realize that everyone on the team is just as important as the other guy. It is going to take everyone for us to succeed.
mark: How hard was it playing in front of your hometown, were you scared?
Matt Carroll: No, I love playing in front of my friends and family.
Maureen, Horsham, PA: What do you love most about ND? Is your mother responsible for your love of the game of basketball?
Matt Carroll: My mother put a basketball in my hand as soon as I was born. I give her all the credit for getting me started.
jake (smithtown): why did u pick number 13?
Matt Carroll: I picked #13 because it has been my lucky number ever since grade school.
Karl Estock, Atlanta: Matt, Your release on your shot looks different from last year. Is there something you changed, or modified.
Matt Carroll: I spent a lot of time shooting in the offseason and worked on putting more arc on my shot.
South Bend, IN: Hey Matt first of all I just wanna say how awesome u guys are!! I was just wondering if it bothers you when fans write you letters and stuff. I know it would be cool, but after awhile do you just get sick of it??
Matt Carroll: I love it. I can’t tell you how happy I get when a little kid asks for an autograph. I will do anything I can to help today’s youth.
Hailee (LaPorte): Who is yor role model?
Matt Carroll: My mother and father are my role models.
bob Utica: I knew your grandfather Carroll. He was a great athlete in his day.
Matt Carroll: I saw an old tape of my grandfather playing basketball. I think he was better than me.
Nashville: Matt, Are you and C.T. concerned about playing too many minutes in games like Rutgers, where the team is under control early? How will this effect you come tourney time when they will need you for 38-40 every game? Thanks RMP
Matt Carroll: I think will be fine because we are both in great shape right now and Coach Brey does a great job of pacing us for the end of the season.
Tommy Ferrara (Dillon Hall): Matty C, do you still wish you would’ve gotten the white patent leather shoes or are you happy with the blue ones? And why don’t you ever high-five the refs as you run past them after hitting a 3?
Matt Carroll: Tommy – I do wish I had the white ones but they discontinued that style.
Jan Waterford Va.: How did you make out playing against the three Carroll uncles and your father?
Matt Carroll: I have trouble staying with them in basketball because they are in such great shape but on the golf course I have no trouble beating them there and taking their money.
Chad (Notre Dame, IN): Matty, many students on campus (including myself) feel that you’re the best player in the Big East, and you’ve certainly showed it in the past few games. What do you think about be named among the leagues’ best?
Matt Carroll: Thanks guys, I really appreciate that. I have worked hard to get here.
Matt Carroll: Thanks everybody. I really enjoyed answering your questions. Sorry that I couldn’t answer all of them. Next time, hopefully I will be able to do all of them. I hope all of you are watching on Saturday while we try to take care of the Wildcats. Peace, I’m out.