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Chat Live With Irish Hockey Standout Tim Wallace

Sophomore Tim Wallace stopped by to chat on Tuesday afternoon.

Tim Wallace Chat Transcript

Sophomore hockey standout stopped by on Tuesday to chat with Irish fans.

Irish hockey standout, Tim Wallace, stopped by on Tuesday to chat with Notre Dame fans. The sophomore answered questions on the playoffs, the season and anything else on Irish fans’ minds.

Wallace scored twice and added an assist on the game-winning goal in the 5-4 overtime win versus Western Michigan on Sunday. The win sends Notre Dame to the CCHA Super Six for the third consecutive season and fourth time in five years. The Irish will face Ohio State at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 18 at Joe Louis Arena.

The Alaska native played in all 40 games during his freshman season, scoring six goals and adding five assists for 11 points.

Tim Wallace: Hello everyone, Tim Wallace here, to answer some questions.
Alex (South Bend): Tim – How much of an advantage was it to have the playoffs start out at the Joyce Center?
Tim Wallace: I, along with my teammates, were very proud of our accomplishment to play at home at the Joyce Center for the first round of the playoffs. We have had a great season at home prior to the first round because of our great fan support. I would like to thank the band for coming back early to help with the atmosphere.
Chris (Detroit): Can you talk a little bit about what it will be like to play in Joe Louis Arena?
Tim Wallace: We had the opportunity to play at Joe Louis last year. It was truly amazing to play at a rink with great history and tradition. We played at 4:00 p.m. and the rink wasn’t exactly energized. We as a team learned that we had to create our own energy. Now this year with a rematch with our rival, Ohio State, I feel that we won’t have any problem creating energy this year.
Dave Knightly Kihei, Maui HI: Are you superstitious? Last year you were #27 and this year #28. Will it be #29 next year? Your Maui connection is proud of You and the teams’ 20 wins Keep it going against the Buckeyes
Tim Wallace: I am a very superstitious person. However, superstition wasn’t a part of my decision in regards to my numbers on my jersey. I was 28 ever since I began to play competitive hockey. Unfortunately, my freshman year, I couldn’t wear #28 because senior Jake Wiegand already had the number.
Ryan (Chicago): During the season, much attention has been paid to the two great goaltenders Morgan Cey and David Brown. Are there any players you can think of who deserve a little more attention for the roles they played this year?
Tim Wallace: Every single person involved in the University of Notre Dame’s hockey program puts in effort to help make us successful. A team can not be successful with one or two amazing players. It is 25-man family that works together to acheive the ultimate goal.
Casey (Mishawaka): Hey Timmy! I just wanted to say that you are awesome! I also wanted to do you think you will do during the playoffs?
Tim Wallace: I think our team has really come together throughout the year. We have established individual roles as hockey players. Our team goals have been instilled in us from day one. We are on a roll, and ready for anything.
matt (canada): Why do they call u the dorfman?
Tim Wallace: John Wroblewski, a senior on the team last year, called me Vince Waldorf. I would always ask him why. He would just say you look like a “vince.” The Waldorf comes from the golfer, Duffy Waldorf. Instead of Wally, it evolved into Waldorf. Then, another senior on the team last year, Evan Nielsen, dropped the Wal and called me Dorf. So, there you have it, the evolution of THE DORFMAN.
Mrs. Pronger: Congratulations on your outstanding performance against Western Michigan. The energy you brought to the ice during your shifts was very notable. Why has Western Michigan always proven to be such a difficult opponent?
Tim Wallace: Western Michigan has been a huge rivalry since I have been here. We played each other four times last year and five times this year. In each and everyone of these games, there has been tough, physical play and that makes for a strong rivalry.
Mary: What was your first reaction when you assisted the game winning goal?
Tim Wallace: My first reaction was to celebrate for a couple minutes and then start to prepare for Ohio State.
Marissa, South Bend: I don’t think I can come to your game at The Joe Thursday because I have school the next day. Do you think you’ll be able to have as good a game without me being there, since I’m your biggest fan, as you did with me there Sunday night?
Tim Wallace: Marissa, it will be tough, but I’m sure my teammates will help me get through the game without you. Thanks for your support all year.
Iggy (Cleveland, Ohio): Tim: Congrats to you and the team on making it to Joe Louis Arena. You had a great game versus Western Michigan. Glad to see you get out of the long slump. Can you tell me what if anything you did during the slump to break out of it? Any superstitions or witchcraft to break the bad karma???
Tim Wallace: I tried everything to get out of the slump from wearing one sock to the rink, to rubbing this alligator that my mother got me to having Rob Globke tape the knob of my stick. I just had to keep my head up and keep working hard. My teammates and coaches have helped tremendously throughout the year. It was a lot easier to cope with since we were winning.
Bob (Mishawaka): What were the team’s goals this year?
Tim Wallace: From the second we arrived in the summer, the goal has been to make it to the NCAA Tournament. Each and every day, the coaches and our strength and conditioning coach , Tony Rolinski, have reinforced that goal.
Casey (Boston): Do you have any pregame rituals that help you get ready for a big game?
Tim Wallace: I treat every game the same in regards to my pregame ritual. I take a nap after the morning skate. Go to pregame meal, come back to my room, play the guitar, take a shower and head over to the Joyce Center. That’s my home game ritual. On the road, its the exact same minus the guitar playing.
Kathy Hanrahan(Granger): I have been following ND hockey for 8 years and I am an avid hockey fan. My confidence is very high with this team this season to take the ccha title. My one request is to keep up the good work as you have all season. Know that your fans are truely behind you.
Tim Wallace: Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. We really appreciate the support that our fans give us night in and night out. We will do our best to bring home the title and move on to the NCAA tournament.
rory (south bend): How does it feel to get the monkey off your back by scoring those two goals on Sunday night?
Tim Wallace: It wasn’t a monkey…it was a gorilla. I’m happy to have that long drought over with and look forward to having a great run in the playoffs.
Tony (Ohio): Tim-What is it like to play in the CCHA? What is the competition like?
Tim Wallace: It’s definitely the toughest league in the NCAA. There’s great talent from top to bottom every night. A team can never take the night off . A great example is Nebraska-Omaha beating Michigan in their series…the last place team knocking off the top team. You always have to be ready to play.
Bob, Philadelphia: Do you think growing up in a Alaska made you more of a man?
Tim Wallace: Growing up in Alaska has been an adventure and a luxury. The weather up there sure puts hair on your chest!! I have caught halibut, salmon, a salmon shark, trout and a sting ray. I see moose almost every day, and sleep in 21 hours of daylight during the summer and about six hours during the winter. I once saw a bald eagle swoop down over my head to grab a trout that I had just caught and soar away in total silence. If this doesn’t make you a man, I don’t know what does. Alaska is the best state to live in all of America.
Mom and Dad in Anchorage, Ak.: Congratulations to you and your Notre Dame teammates in advancing to the Joe! How do you match up with Ohio State? Your hair cut looks great! Love ya!
Tim Wallace: Well, we split with Ohio State earlier in the season and they were just one point ahead of us in the league standings. This game will be won by the team that wants it more, and is willing to pay the price. “Pick your pain, pain of sacrifice or pain of regret.” – Tony Rolinski. P.S. Your welcome for getting the haircut.
Tim Wallace: Thanks for participating in this chat. It was fun and thanks for all the great questions. I have to run, class is calling.