Charlie Weis.

Charlie Weis Conference Call

April 28, 2007

(On why Brady Quinn can be successful in the NFL): “I always find it humorous when people talk about quarterbacks being system quarterbacks. Good quarterbacks thrive in any system. I was fortunate to be affiliated with Brady as he was fortunate to be affiliated with our system. He’s one of those special guys who rarely comes along. In a very short amount of time, the organization and Browns fans are going to be excited about what they are getting.”

(On what he thought when Brady Quinn fell in the draft): “Well, we established that he might go number nine to the Dolphins. We didn’t know if he would go first, second or third to the Browns. Tampa had talked with us and Arizona and Washington were talking. Just about everyone right on down was talking. We thought the worst thing that would happen is that he was going to go to the Dolphins at number nine. My reaction was very similar to that of the Browns management when the Dolphins didn’t take him at nine. The kid was available and the Browns could get him. The Browns did a great job getting a trading partner to grab a starting left tackle and a quarterback.”

(On the reality of Brady Quinn winning a starting job): “I don’t want to be disrespectful to Charlie (Frye) or the guys in the organization now. I’ve watched them play and I couldn’t make a critical evaluation of how they play. All I know is Brady. I think it’s important not to be disrespectful to the players who are there. With that being said, I don’t think this guy has to go to a program and be groomed for a year. If there was ever a quarterback who was ready to go for the last two years it’s him. He’s got hammered in the last two years by me so he can take it by anybody. If there is a guy who would be ready to go after walking in that door, he fits the description.”

(On Brady Quinn): “Romeo Crennel is looking for players who are of high character and driven. That’s what Brady is. Brady is going to see a lot of similarities in coaching styles between Romeo and myself.”

(On Brady Quinn’s accuracy issue): “I talked to so many guys who made a mockery of that. I said, “I didn’t realize you guys were the ones calling the plays.” “Do you know where the receivers were supposed to be when he was throwing those balls?” You are talking about a guy who has completed over 60 percent of his passes and thrown for over 70 touchdowns. You would ask any team to sign up for those numbers and they would take them right now.”

(On the major factor that caused Brady Quinn to fall as far as he did): “I think it was supply and demand. I don’t think there were many teams who had a pressing need for a quarterback. A guy who would come in a challenge for a starting position. To take a quarterback high, there has to be an opportunity that the guy will come in and play early. You are paying him too much money to let him sit on the bench for multiple years. That’s what you see a lot of the quarterbacks going in the second round. You’ll get them for cheaper and you can afford to sit him for a year or two while not sending him to the wolves. When you take a guy early in the draft, it’s got to be a guy who you are counting on to compete in the position. For example, Detroit feels Jon Kitna is there starting quarterback and they don’t need to bring in a guy to challenge for that starting spot.”

(On talking to Brady Quinn): “I was sitting in the dugout of my kid’s baseball game and I had a guy who was texting me everything that happened. I waited for about half and hour and I talked to Brady on the phone. I told him that he could be disappointed at the number he was at, but he should be delighted that he was going to the Cleveland Browns. This is a dream come true. He grew up a Browns fan, he loves Ohio and he has a passion for them. It is the place he wants to be. The end result is that he ended up where he wanted to be and it’s time for him to move on to the next chapter of his life. He goes to Cleveland with a chip on his shoulder to prove to the organization and the fans that they will be happy to have him.”

(On the Browns getting better today): “I talked to him after the pick and I said he lucked out. He got a starting left tackle and a quarterback who is going to challenge as a rookie. It doesn’t get any better than that on the offensive side of the ball. He got two dynamic players to the organization. Wherever they are in the draft right now, I don’t know how many teams are as happy as the Cleveland Browns are.”

(On how Brady Quinn can handle the dynamic personalities of the Browns offense): “He’s been weathered by the head coach at Notre Dame. I think we do a good job letting him know that the huddle belongs to the quarterback. He has to earn the team. You don’t come in as a rookie and take over the team. You have to earn the respect of the players and you are not handed anything in the NFL. The huddle has to belong to him. The kid knows how to read coverages and he has a presence about him in the huddle. I think the huddle will naturally attract to him. People want to be around this kid. Especially offensive skilled guys who know he can get the ball in their hands.”

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