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Carlyle Holiday Chat Wrap

Oct. 24, 2001

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I am here and ready for your questions. Let’s get started.

Brad Davis, Connellsville,Pa: Carlyle you are doing a great job, how do you think we will do saturday against BC? What concerns you most about the BC defense?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I think we will be fine as long as we execute on offense and can establish the run to open up the passing game.

They have a tough front seven and it will be tough to run against them.

Dallas: As a ND grad (’96), it’s been a frustrating season at times, even as hard as you guys have played. What has been your biggest frustration this year?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: For me, the first three games I was frustrated because I didn’t think we played like we are capable. Not to say we would have won, but the outcome could have been different.

Aengus72 (Savannah): I was wondering how the offense was meshing under you. Over the past couple years there have been 5 different starting QBs, and do you think that has an adverse effect on offensive production? Do you feel the offense is gaining confidence, and will it be ready to play BC and Tennessee in two weeks?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I really think so. Our attitude is at a high level and we are executing on offense. It allows us to do more on offense and put their defense on their heels. We are able to move the ball around more and keep the defense guessing.

Jeff (Notre Dame, IN): Hey Carlyle- Being a student at Notre Dame, I was just wondering what your thoughts were of the negative energy around campus surrounding Coach Davie. Obviously, it is a little better with the three wins, but it has been pretty bad. Sorry about the negative comment… good luck in BC. Bring us back a 4-3 team reafy for Tennessee. Thanks.

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I think the coaches and the team haven’t really focused on the negative talk. Not to say we are unaware, but we are focused on our task at hand. We don’t have hard feelings about it because we know most fans are loyal and believe in us.

Rob(Knoxville): Who is the quarterback either in past years or during the present that you model yourself after?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I don’t think I model myself after anyone. I think Michael Vick is such a great athlete and brings so many weapons against a defense. That is the type of player I would like to become.

gregory blyther: is the option one of the hardest plays to run in college football

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I don’t think it is of the hardest. It is one of the hardest to stop if you run it correctly. For a defense to stop it, you have to be clicking on all cyclinders. It is 11 on 11 and that is an advantage for an offense. So the problem is stopping it.

Bernard (Austin): Carlyle, What do you think was “missing” in the first three games of this season that prevented us from winning? Go Irish! Beat BC!

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: We weren’t making big plays on either side of the ball. We weren’t causing turnovers and we weren’t hitting the home runs and getting the ball down the field. When you do that, you can’t move the ball much on offense.

Mark (Buffalo): What is the feeling of the team at this moment after running 3 straight wins? Good Luck with the rest of the season. Go Irish! Alum’97

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: The team’s attitude is positive. Anytime you win games, the attitude is always going to go up. We know we could win games but we didn’t know what the problem was. We are very confident heading into BC this week. If we execute on offense, everything will be fine.

Dan – Spring Lake, NJ: Carlyle,

How has your relationship changed with Matt LoVecchio since you became the starter. On a couple of occasions when you have scored, I noticed through TV coverage that he is kind of cold towards you on the sideline. He doesn’t seem to be happy for you. Is there anything to that?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I don’t think that is true. We are good friends and everything is positive on and off the field. So there is nothing to that, we have a healthy relationship that benefits us both.

Matt-Dallas: How long will it take before you are completely comfortable running the ND offense?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: It’s getting there, but I still have a way to go before I am totally comfortable. For me that will take playing in a game where I have no turnovers and we are able to move the ball at will. It’s coming.

Sean (Dayton): Last week you really showed you are a multi-weapon QB. Not just running ability, but also a great accurate arm. Would you like to see more passing in the Irish’s gameplan?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I would like to see more passing and I think we will pass more as the coach gets more confidence in me. As the weeks go by, I think we will open the offense up a little more and try a few new things.

Sean (dayton): What type of offense would you prefer to run?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I prefer to run a balanced offense both running and passing. I like to spread the ball around to keep the defense off balance. I like not being predictable where you can try new things but still have your base — your bread and butter plays.

john hughes: hey Carlyle, you guys got off to a rockey start, but seem to be coming together now. With 5 games left 3 against ranked teams (ut,stan,pur) do you think you can lead the team to a winning season?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I feel that as long as we execute on offense and play great defense like we have these past three games, I think we will be successful as long as those things happen.

Jeff – Boston: Are you happy with your decision to attend ND and not Nebraska? Can you and your class bring back ND to where it used to be…on top?

I will be at BC cheering you on!

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I am happy with my decision. It was a good one for me. I made it and haven’t looked back. I just felt that Notre Dame was the right place for me. To play QB here is the glamour position in college football. I have no regrets.

ryan(lima): how do you feel about the rumors about bob davie and about the possability of playing under a different coach?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I try to ignore all the rumors and just play football. It gets into the back of your head and try and stay focused.

If it did happen, you just have to move forward and do the best you can under someone new.

Danny, TN: Whats your outlook for ND football next season?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: We will lose a lot of seniors, but we will be pretty solid. We have some solid freshman lineman that are solid and we have some great athletes on the defense. We have a lot of talent coming back so I thin we will be a great team next season.

Danny, Indiana: Carlyle, you have some good moves and are very fast and strong. Do you think you can improve on your Passing?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: For me, I need to improve on staying in the pocket more. It is getting better week by week. I just have to remain calm and try and slow things down. I have to work on being a leader and in gaining confidence from the upperclassmen.

Snaxs: What do you except out of the BC crowd this week?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: I haven’t been to BC but I heard they will bang on those bleachers and do some crazy stuff. We have played in the hostile environments some this year so we are getting used to it. But hopefully we can turn things around and be victorious this week.

Johnny Irish (Chicago): Carlyle, How is your knee? Are you going to be able to go full speed this weekend?

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: My knee is feeling better day by day. I should be full speed by game time. I don’t think it will effect me in the game. I try and focus on football and not my knee. I should be OK.

87.gifCarlyle Holiday: That’s all the time I have for now. Thanks for your questions and Go Irish!!