Adrianna Stasiuk

Bump, Set, Spike: Volunteer Assistant Coach Adrianna Stasiuk

Aug. 24, 2009

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – This is the first of five “Bump, Set, Spike” installments on to help Notre Dame fans get to know each of the newcomers to the Irish program this season. Volunteer assistant coach Adrianna Stasiuk was an All-American and four-time monogram winner for the Notre Dame volleyball team. She graduated in 2008 and returns to campus this year as she begins her coaching career.

What have you been doing since graduating from Notre Dame in 2008?
I moved to Los Angeles and was working for a public accounting firm as an audit associate, but I changed my career path and decided to get into coaching which led me back to Notre Dame.

Is there anything you missed from the Midwest while you were in California?
I missed the fall because I love when the leaves change and the cool weather. California doesn’t have the cool weather and the palm trees don’t change colors.

What’s was your favorite thing about living in California?
No snow!

What’s been your favorite part of being back in South Bend?
Seeing all the new construction and all changes that are going on around campus.

What is it like coaching some of the players you played with a few years ago?
It’s nice because I know them and I know how they play. It is also easier to see their good and bad tendencies and notice things or put myself in their shoes and help them in that way.

Was it at all awkward for you when you started coaching some of those players?
At first there was a fine line because I was their teammate and now I’m their coach. But I think there is a good way and a bad way to be constructive and give criticism. So I think I’m working on that.

What’s the difference between playing for head coach Debbie Brown and coaching for her?
(while laughing) She doesn’t yell at you when you are coaching with her.

What is your go to karaoke song?
“Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey.