Freshman Christina Theofilos

Bump, Set, Spike: Freshman Christina Theofilos

Aug. 29, 2009

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – This is the fourth of five “Bump, Set, Spike” installments on to help Notre Dame fans get to know each of the newcomers to the Irish program this season. Freshman Christina Theofilos looks to bring her athletic skills and competitive prowess to the court for the Notre Dame volleyball team this season.

Why did you choose to continue your playing career at Notre Dame?
It’s a great school and I fell in love with the volleyball program here.

The team will play matches against four schools from your home state of Florida (Florida State, Florida, Miami and USF). Did you play with many of the players on those teams?
I know pretty much the whole USF team and I know a couple girls from Florida. I don’t think I know anybody on the Florida State team, but I am familiar with the coaches. We’re actually at Florida State on my birthday weekend and my best friend goes there, so she’ll be at that game.

What do you like to do outside of volleyball?
I’m a snowboarder.

How’s dorm life treating you?
I miss my king size bed at home.

How much have you learned from the Notre Dame coaching staff?
I’ve learned a lot. I’m in “information overload” mode right now. Just a lot of technical stuff with passing and my platform and footwork.

What are you most excited about this season?
Playing against girls that I played against before. I went to high school with one of the Stanford players (Janet Okogbaa). I’m excited to play at the collegiate level and get my feet wet.

What do you do to relax before a match?
I sit in the corner and visualize and think to myself that helps me relex. I visualize plays and what I anticipate happening in the match and how I will react to those things. It helps me get mentally prepared.

How did you pick up a pregame ritual such as that?
My dad does it, and I picked up on it when I was little. I’m a lot like him, so I think I just talk to myself and psych myself up like he does.

If you owned a restaurant, it would be called …

How many pets do you have?
Three dogs. Harley, is a boxer, Princess is a peekapoo and Louie is a fat pug. They’re awesome dogs.

How will you be remembered by your high school classmates?
Crazy, loud, outgoing and the center of attention.

If you were to run for president, who would be your vice president?
My dad, because he’s tough. He’d make sure people do what I say.