Brady Quinn.

Brady Quinn Conference Call

April 28, 2007

(Opening Statement): “I’m so excited to be in Cleveland and this is a dream come true for me. Things were tough they way they started out, but I think it worked out the best way it could have.”

(On his thoughts about the trade): “Once I heard about the trade, I knew it was about me because of the rumors and the fact that the Browns called me. They said that they were trading up for me and that was a pretty good indication. I couldn’t have anticipated things working out the way they did. It’s easier for a quarterback to drop in the draft.”

(On his feelings about being passed over early on): “You have to realize that no team is going to take you if they have a good quarterback. They are not going to draft someone to be a backup. Teams are going to bring someone in who will make an impact. There were about three teams that could have selected a quarterback, but after the top ten, it got iffy in certain situations.”

(On being able to develop a winning season if he plays): “I hope so and that’s my goal. I don’t plan to come into a situation like this and lose. I’m not going to sit here and make any guarantees. You have to go out on the field and prove it.”

(On being drafted with Joe Thomas): “I don’t think there could have been a possible scenario with the way it ended up. Teams can take a guy like Joe and move him to the right or left side.”

(On wishing he might have been golfing instead of being in New York): “Yeah, fishing or golfing. It’s tough to put yourself in that situation.”

(On Miami possibly taking him): “I heard of some possibilities that they would trade up and take me. We knew there was some interest in it and I’m not sure why things worked out the way they did. It doesn’t matter at this point.”

(On being excited to throw to Browns receivers): “I can’t wait and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with them. I want to get them the ball and score some touchdowns.”

(On what he will bring to the Browns): “I think the biggest thing is my leadership ability. I’ve been in situations where we’ve had down seasons and I’ve brought a team back. I think my leadership aspect is strong along with my work ethic.”

(On today being a blessing in disguise for him): You have to look at the long term. You are going to make more money in your second contract. If you have a long and successful career, what you make today is not going to matter.”

(On Phil Savage saying he wouldn’t take him at No. 3): I knew that going in. I wasn’t shocked or confused. I was more shocked about the ninth pick. At the same time, you can’t believe what everyone says to you because there are smoke screens that are put up. I knew about the Cleveland situation going into it and I told everyone not to get their hopes up. I guess you really never know until it happens.”

(On when he thought a trade from the Browns was a possibility): I didn’t think it was. I never thought they would come back up. I thought a team like Baltimore would draft me.”

(On possibly starting right away for the Browns): I’m very confident and I think that’s why a team would draft me in the first round and do what the Browns did.”

(On signing and getting into camp right away): It’s going to be my desire to step in and start on this team. Getting here early especially in your rookie season is a big part of it.”

(On how agonizing it was to wait to be picked): I sat in Mr. Goodell’s green room for a little bit and thought about possibilities. It wasn’t as much agonizing for me as it was on my family. They want the best for me and they always felt I would be drafted higher. Everything worked out in the end.