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Bob Davie Comments After Tuesday Evening Practice

Aug. 15, 2000

On senior flanker Joey Getherall:

“He is an amazing guy. He does things that surprise me at times. We had some pro scouts out here the other day they were really impressed with him running around and catching the football. He is a remarkable guy and when healthy, he is a heck of a football player. Here is a 5-8, 165 pound guy, but we timed him this summer and he runs faster than people think he runs.

He has had some misfortune with injuries, though. It is not that he is a fragile guy, he just has had some unfortunate luck. When he is healthy he is really a fine receiver. You are not going to get Joey Getherall off the field. He is very disciplined, a great route runner and has great hands.”

On any position changes taking place:

“(Freshman) Vontez Duff has moved over to corner. He is a heck of an athlete. This does not mean that he cannot go back to running back. I am sure he can do that for us. He may have more of an opportunity to play at cornerback. We have three tailbacks, it seems like a logical move. It is something he is excited about.”

On the improvement of the kicking game:

“Our punters have improved, both (sophomore) Joey Hildbold and (sophomore) Nick Setta. I would say it is about even right now. Nick Setta has definitely improved over the summer.

In field goals, I think (junior) David Miller has an edge right now.

Kickoffs, it is too early to say. (Senior) Matt McNew has hang time and Setta appears strong. We haven’t evaluated that real hard yet.”

On the advantage of holding pre-season camp on the west side of campus:

“It has been tremendous for us. Many thanks to go Father Doyle for letting us use Keough Hall, and to the South Dining Hall, which opened up the whole food court for us. It was a combination of a lot of people. No one appreciates it more than our players. Not only does it save us time, but they didn’t have to walk across campus before and after each practice. It provided a little more of a training camp feel, it worked out well for us and I hope we can do it again next year.”