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Bob Davie Column

Nov. 18, 1999

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – My major concern heading into the Boston College game is our injury situation. We currently have 16 players injured, which is almost unheard of. Injuries can hurt your team in so many ways. It changes how you practice and how you prepare for a game.

Your healthy players end up taking more snaps than they are used to, so they run the risk of getting injured due to fatigue. Without a doubt, the injury situation has my attention.

It is difficult to lose 16 injured players and then an additional 5 who are unavailable due to reasons within our control. We have no one to blame, but it certainly has far-reaching affects on this football team.

Right now we are trying to find solutions. Our players are taking these last two games very seriously because their pride is hurt, not to mention they are embarrassed. There is no single issue you can identify as our problem, but rather an accumulation of things. I know we will respond favorably. I think we will look back on this and realize we are building a foundation in this program.

To say that this team has a lack of emotional fire is inaccurate. As a team, we have been highly motivated. I am not sure that we played with the necessary passion against Pittsburgh, but this should not be blown out of proportion when looking at the big picture.

Boston College is a big, physical football team. They have a solid running back in Cedric Washington, running behind several offensive linemen who tip the scales well over 300 pounds. They are huge up front, both offensively and defensively. The size and strength of their team has been the biggest threat to all of their opponents.

More than anything, my concern rests with our injuries as we head into this weekend’s game.