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An Interview With Tyreo Harrison

Oct. 31, 2001

Tyreo Harrison is the starting inside linebacker, and leader, of the 14th ranked defense in the nation. Following the Boston College game Tyreo leads the team with 61 tackles. He is a senior Finance major in the Mendoza College of Business who earned Dean’s list honors in the spring 2001 semester.

What was the last Tennessee game like for you?

“I didn’t play too big of a role in that game. I had a blocked field goal and few tackles, but nothing like this game is going to be like. I am going to try and do more things and be a bigger influence on the outcome of the game.”

Why is this such a special game?

“They are a great team, they are a “Top Ten” team. You know every time you play Tennessee, or a team of that caliber, it is just a great opportunity for us to go and re-establish some pride. It is a chance to get this season on a better track, and show this Nation the talent we have, that we can win and should win some games.

You guys will be facing another great running back in Travis Stephens. Is the defense making any adjustments from last week?

“Basically we are going out against their game plan just like you do every week. You prepare for the team you are going to be playing.”

Have you been pleased with your personal performance this year even with the team struggling?

“You look at your performance, but when you re losing games a lot of times it doesn’t mean as much to you. I have done well in some games, but obviously not well enough. Especially when the defense is allowing big plays like we have the last two games. I think the entire defense has been playing better the last couple of games producing turnovers, but my goal along with the rest of the defense is create more turnovers and make a bigger impact on the game.”

Would you be surprised if Anthony Denman said you were still ‘Trill’ balling out on the field?

“I am pretty sure A.D. would say something like that. I talk to him every now and then. He tries to keep my confidence up, and keep my head up through the adversity this season. I’m sure he said I am ‘Trill balling’ which means a lot to me.”

What are you looking forward to after this season is over, especially after you graduate?

“Looking forward to graduating and going on with my life. I will keep the same competitive attitude that I have in football and carry it into whatever I do. If I go into professional football, I will be competitive there and if I go into a financial career I will be competitive there. Just looking forward to the future, but at this time I am in the present which means everything to me.”