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An Interview With Carlyle Holiday

Oct. 16, 2001

By Ryan Lockwood

Making big play upon big play against Pittsburgh and West Virginia, quarterback Carlyle Holiday is averaging 61 rushing yards per game this season, solidifying him as the starter. With three games under his belt, Holiday continues to improve.

The following is an interview the sophomore signal-caller.

Is everything coming together for you at your position?

“I think it is statring to come around. I still have a lot to improve on, but for the most it has gotten better over the last couple of weeks. The team is starting to develop, starting to get in there, a little more excitement in the huddle, and going out and executing plays better. It is a better feeling then the start of the season.”

Has practice become more fun for you now that you know that when Saturday comes, you are the starting quarterback?

“It has become fun. There are a lot more duties and roles I have to play, but it is starting to become fun. When you know what you are going to do, you try to focus a little bit more and I think that is what I have been doing. At the same time, I have just been going out there, practicing hard and being myself and having fun.”

You have taken some big hits the last three weeks. Is it what you expected?

“Pretty much. Some of the hits may look big but they don’t feel that big.

I do take a lot of shots, and it might catch up to me one day, but I just want to go out there and do what I can to get that extra yard. It is just fun to me.

I feel I can take those kind of hits, and I will just keep taking them.”

Have you and Javin Hunter formed a “partnership” on the field? Is he your “go to” guy?

“Javin is a great receiver. He finds ways to get open, and we are good friends, but whenever I am in a situation, he is the guy I can throw to get me out of those situations.”

How about your “partnership” with the offensive line?

“They are good guys. They have done a really good job this season. They work so hard on in the summer, and they came out in the last two games and showed they can get the job done. They have done an excellent job, not only for me but for the running backs also.”

What has brought this team together in the last two weeks?

“We just put those first three games behind us and we moved on. We just want to go out, do what we can the rest of the season and take advantage of the time left.”

How has the media exposure been this season? Also what you expected?

“It is OK. There is a lot of it, but I can handle it.”