Sept. 1, 2008

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The new Alumni Players’ Lounge at Notre Dame Stadium will open Friday night, prior to the Notre Dame’s 2008 season opener the next afternoon against San Diego State – and it will be dedicated on Sept. 12, the night before the Notre Dame-Michigan football game.

Located adjacent to the Notre Dame locker room in Notre Dame Stadium, the lounge will be available to all former Irish players on Friday nights before home football games. The room also will be used for recruiting on Saturdays the Irish play at home and for post-game interviews following Irish home games.

The Notre Dame Monogram Club was responsible for funding the new lounge, in great part due to the benefaction of former Irish football player Peter Schivarelli.

The lounge features new furniture and carpeting, plus five large flat-screen televisions. Framed photos of all 11 of Note Dame’s consensus national championship football teams are on display, along with recognition of the 10 other teams that received some sort of championship recognition. Around the room are the names of every monogram winner in football at Notre Dame, as well as names of all those who have coached football at Notre Dame.

— ND —