Phil Mosey is working in LA as an intern in two film and television industry positions.

A Summer Ball Life: Wrist Injury Leads Mosey To LA

Aug. 13, 2014

University of Notre Dame baseball rising senior Phil Mosey began the summer playing baseball for the Redding Colt 45’s of the Far West League in Redding, Calif. However, a wrist injury forced him to miss the rest of the summer after only eight games. Not one to sit around, Mosey secured two internships in Los Angeles and has been living out there for the last month. A film, television and theatre major in the College of Arts & Letters, Mosey wanted to continue his blog despite missing out on the remainder of summer ball. Here is his first entry from L.A.

Hello again, Irish fans. Allow me to lead off by apologizing for my abrupt and mysterious absence from the web since late June. The past 30 days or so have been quite hectic, as I injured my wrist while playing summer ball in Redding, Calif., and have been in and out of doctors’ offices from the west coast to South Bend.

Those of you who have read the first few installments of this blog series are undoubtedly thinking to yourselves, “Why is he even writing posts anymore? He just said he was done with summer ball. Isn’t this blog called `A Summer Ball Life’? I wonder if Family Feud is on. I sure do like that Steve Harvey.” Well, the Irish baseball team’s director of media relations, Russell Dorn, and myself have decided that I should still do my best to keep the Irish faithful up to date on my summer activity. Lucky you!

As of late July, I have been living with relatives in the Los Angeles area doing my best to get a taste of what it is like to work in the film and television industry, and/or looking for the Kardashians to give them a stern talking to. Being a film major in Notre Dame’s FTT (Film, Television, and Theatre) department, I hope to one day gain success in the entertainment industry, or at least pretend to have success so that people from my high school don’t think I’m a loser.

Music video set

Music video set

Since arriving in Southern California, I have been involved in two full-time internships. My first position is as a production assistant for a production company in Venice, where I have read and analyzed scripts as well as helped to plan and organize music video shoots. My second internship is as a sports radio research assistant for an upcoming documentary focused on Kobe Bryant that is set to air on Showtime in October. Both titles essentially just glorify the fact that I am doing work that other employees don’t necessarily want to, although I have yet to be subjected to the gloom and embarrassment of making coffee, picking up dry cleaning or working in the mail room. I consider all of the above a win.

Famous Venice sign

Famous Venice sign

Although I’d love to still be in Redding with the rest of my summer ball family, including Notre Dame’s own Joey Cresta, Jack Flaherty and Zak Kutsulis, this wrist injury has given me the rare opportunity to split a summer between playing baseball and getting valuable hands-on job experience in an industry that I have dreamt of exploring since I was a little boy.

Be on the lookout for upcoming posts regarding my adventures through the City of Angels, the projects I’m contributing to at work and anything else I feel like sharing that Russell doesn’t cut out before officially deeming the post worthy.

Until next time, hang loose! (Are the kids still saying that out here?)

–Phil Mosey, Notre Dame Baseball #33, Infielder