Jan. 15, 2009

Notre Dame, Ind – Sixty-years ago Frazier Thompson and Wayne Edmonds became pioneers for black student-athletes at Notre Dame. They were two of the first black student-athletes to earn a Monogram. Now 60 years later, over 400 black student-athletes have earned a Monogram from Notre Dame. On the weekend of April 16th-19th all-former black Monogram winners are invited back to campus to celebrate and honor their achievements over the past 60 years.

With the launch of the 60th Anniversary website you can get up to date information about the events taking place at the reunion weekend. The site will also feature articles taking a look back in history at the contributions made by black student-athletes at Notre Dame to make themselves champions on and off the field. Be sure log on to the 60th Anniversary website to get the latest details about the reunion weekend as we continue celebrate black student athletes achievements on campus and now online through www.und.com and the Monogram Club