2020 Student Frequently Asked Questions

Student Tickets

How can students purchase tickets? 

  • Students can purchase tickets by logging into their online ticket account at und.com/buytickets

What is the deadline to purchase my student tickets? 

  • Student tickets must be purchased by Thursday, September 3 at 5 pm. 

Will single-game student tickets be available? 

  • Single-game student tickets will not be available to purchase for the 2020 season. 

What games are included in student season tickets? 

  • All home games played while classes are in session will be included. The game versus Syracuse on December 5th will not be included in student season packages. 

How much are student tickets? 

  • Notre Dame Students – $200 ($40 per game)
  • SMC/Holy Cross Students – $250 ($50 per game)

Are St. Mary’s and Holy Cross eligible to purchase student tickets? 

  • Yes. As space permits, St. Mary’s and Holy Cross students are eligible to purchase season tickets as in years past. 

How will students be grouped for seating? 

  • On-Campus Students – Notre Dame students living on campus will be seated by rooming assignments. 
  • Off-Campus Students – Notre Dame undergraduate students living off-campus and graduate students may either buy single seats or buy tickets in conjunction with other students sharing the same address, with a maximum of 4 per residence. Once tickets are purchased, off-campus students can fill out the grouping form here. Your residential address will be checked and verified. 
  • St. Mary’s/Holy Cross Students – St. Mary’s and Holy Cross students will be asked to group themselves with roommates, with a maximum of 4 per grouping. Once tickets are purchased, please fill out the St. Mary’s and Holy Cross grouping form here

How will the seating groups be prioritized? 

  • Students will be seated in contiguous sections and the location will be based upon the class of the most senior member of the “Family Unit” (i.e. if a group of three has one senior and two juniors they would be seated in the senior section. Off-campus students and students attending St Mary’s and Holy Cross will be seated in sections distinct from but contiguous to those sections occupied by Notre Dame students living on campus.

If my roommate chooses not to purchase season tickets, who can I sit with? 

  • Students will only be grouped with their rooming assignments. Those who are in single occupancy rooms or who’s roommates do not purchase will be seated as singles. 

I’m living off-campus. How do I group my season tickets with others in my residence? 

  • You can fill out the group seating form here. You will be asked to input your student ID number, name, residential address, and other members of your group. Each member of your group needs to fill a form in order to be grouped. Your off-campus address will be verified. 

I’m living on campus, how will I group with my roommate(s)? 

  • If you’re living on campus, the ticket office will automatically group you with your roommate(s) if they choose to purchase. See above if you are rooming by yourself or your roommate(s) are not purchasing tickets.