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Fall Monogram Jacket Ceremony

The Monogram Club presented 156 Notre Dame student-athletes and student support staff members with their Monogram jackets Tuesday evening inside Downes Club at Corbett Family Hall. The fall Monogram Jacket Ceremony honors first-time Monogram recipients from Notre Dame’s winter and spring sports along with student managers from those teams and the football program.

Former Notre Dame men’s basketball standout, and current ACC Network analyst and studio anchor, Jordan Cornette (‘05) was the featured alumni speaker, while Hannah Dorney, a sophomore midfielder on the Notre Dame women’s lacrosse team, gave the student-athlete reflection.

“To get to where you are today is no simple pursuit,” Cornette told the honorees. “It’s quite an achievement. One achieved with unrelenting dedication, passion and work ethic.

“No matter the sport, embrace each other. Be each other’s biggest cheerleader. Lift one another up. Do your part for this special fraternity. You are family, the Notre Dame family. It’s a bond that will unite all of you in this room long after tonight.

“Embrace the time that you have here at Notre Dame. It doesn’t get any better. This is the easy part, if you can imagine that. Never forget the resource that this place is. It truly prepares you for greatness ahead in life.

“I’m here to help in any way I can for your futures because that’s what comes with being a Notre Dame student-athlete. That’s what the Monogram Club is all about. We are family.”

“Notre Dame is a special place full of special people,” said Dorney. “These special people are what make the experience here unlike anywhere else. No matter where you are on campus, whether it be your dorm, the library, the weight room, the field or the locker room, you’re surrounded by individuals who will do everything in their power to make sure you’re performing at the best of your ability.

“Earning this Monogram jacket means so many different things to so many different people. To me, it is a symbol of the lifelong connection to each other that we all have been granted. The Monogram Club keeps generations of athletes in touch through this historic ND symbol. This is so important to me because my special people won’t only be around to make my four years at Notre Dame special, but they will be with me to make the 40 years after that just as amazing because of this Monogram.”

2019 Fall Monogram Jacket Ceremony Recipients


Jack Alexander
Joe Boyle
Ethan Copeland
Zack Prajzner
Carter Putz
Evan Tenuta
Jack Zyska

MEN’S BASKETBALLAlex Barone (manager)
Robert Carmody
Nick DeLollo (manager)
Christopher Doherty
Dane Goodwin
Taylor Guth (manager)
Prentiss Hubb
Nathan Laszewski
Molly Melican (manager)
Tim Papiernik (manager)

WOMEN’S BASKETBALLJacqueline Collins (manager)
Danielle Cosgrove
Katlyn Gilbert
Colleen Iannone (manager)
Meghan Mulroe (manager)
Abigail Prohaska
Mikayla Vaughn

Amita Berthier

Alessandro Contreras
Natalie Disher
Stephen Ewart
Malcolm Fields
Karl-Friedrich Flick
Nicole Gorman
Miriam Grady
Alexander Ju
Logan Kanary
Kara Linder
Andrew Machovec
Blake Murphy
Thomas Murray
Jared Smith
Matthew Tichacek
Xiao-Qing Tsai
Beatrice Verrecchia
Robert Wong

Jennifer Buck
John Corcoran
John Geppert
Mara Hart
Harrison Kranz
Mary Singler
Thomas Stafford
Avery Wythe


Andrew O’Leary
Andrew Stineman (manager)
Kho Taichi

Claire Albrecht


Krysta Buche (manager)
Cameron Burke
Taylor Burrows (manager)
Nathaniel Clurman
Michael Graham
Nicholas Leivermann
Jacob Pivonka
Graham Slaggert
Spencer Stastney
Alexander Steeves
Jacques Pierre De Saint Phalle (manager)


John Beare
Jose Boyer
Tyrrell Brooks
John Hallenbeck
Michael Langdon
Michael Marchese
Quinn McCahon
Morrison Mirer
Connor Morin
Mitchell Olinger
Griffin Westlin
Kellsey Wiser (manager)


Sydney Anderson
Madison Carr
Mollie Carr
Elizabeth Doherty
Hannah Dorney
Cailin Field
Cassandra Ford
Molly Hagan
Patrick Hart (manager)
Kaci Messier
Madison Mote
Haley Schultz
Kirsten Scutaro
Meaghan Scutaro
Grace Steffens

Isabella Balder

Cailey Brogan
Madeline Coady
Marielle Corbett
Hana Ferrero
Bridget Geyer
Halena Hadi
Chloe Hemm
Caroline Hills
Katherine Johnson
Samantha Manfreda
Molly Pierce
Katherine Wiedenhoft

Quinn Biggio

Emma Clark
Shelby Grimm
Payton Tidd
Pam Udoye (manager)
Anna Wagner


Marton Barta
Joshua Bottelberghe
Austin Flaute
Cristian Herrera
Matthew Limbacher
Maxwell Miranda
David Petrison
Zachary Smith
Andrew Winton

Madeline LaPorte
Sarah Nicholls
Bayley Stewart
Luciana Thomas
Annie Wiese


Andrew Mariados
Axel Nefve


Maeve Koscielski

Zoe Taylor


Morrell Amani
Connor Artman
Matthew Carmody
Luis Cossio
Colton Crum
Andrew Delvecchio
Matthew Fraizer
Brendan Fraser
Dylan Jacobs
Joseph Jegier
John Keenan
Zachary Kreft
Dustin Macuiba
Patrick O’Mara
Austin Parsons
Samuel Voelz
Bradley Wattleworth
Grayson Zinn

Madelyn Denner
Shae Douglas
Anna Fischer
Jacqueline Gaughan
Alesis Juntunen
Jocelyn Long
Mikayla Schneider
Erin Sullivan