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20 Questions With Todd Mobley

Sept. 19, 2003

1.Fullname: Todd Allen Mobley

2.Birthdate: March 27, 1981

3. Major: Mathematics and an MBA Candidate

4.Favorite Class: Linear Algebra, I had a good Professor

5. Hardest Class: Differential Geometry

6.Meet you are most looking forward towards: Nationals, it is my last and most important meet at Notre Dame

7. How do you mentally prepare for a race? The night before I visually prepare while falling asleep, and the day of the race I have to remember to rely on my summer workouts and to stay confident.

8.Your greatest personal athletic moment? Being an All American my Sophomore year. My grandfather always said that he wanted an All American in the family and as one of the youngest grandchildren I was the “last hope”.

9. Biggest reason why you chose to come to Notre Dame: The good balance of academics and athletics. On my visit I also fit in well with the team.

10. What are your goals for the season? I want to get back to my top form after suffering injuries over the past season. Personally I would like to be in the Top 20 in the nation and lead Notre Dame back to the Top 10 as a team.

11.Describe a typical race for you: At the start I go out hard, running on all nerves and adrenaline and I try to establish position out front. In the middle of the race I stay in pace with the back of the lead group and with about a mile or two to go I take off as hard as I can. If I know I can win I dig deeper and keep pressing otherwise I just try to hang on as long as I can. Running this type of race has become much easier while running with Tim Moore.

12. How do you manage a full Cross Country season with Notre Dame’s academic curriculum? Cross Country is only based on a few selected meets throughout the year which allows me to place more emphasis on those meets. This allows me to get into a routine early in the year so that I am prepared when I have to focus on the bigger meets.

13. What is the best advice you have ever been given: My high school coaches instilled in me to always “look to the future, and what I was doing in high school was geared toward what I can do in college.”

14. What are your plans for life after Notre Dame: I will be here for a 5th year in which I will still be able to run track and I am looking forward to that. I would like to run post-collegiality, and hopefully I can qualify this year to run at the Olympic Trials. If not I will venture into the real world to use my degrees and maybe even pursue coaching.

15. Your favorite ND athletic team other than your own: The women’s Cross Country team! We have similar interests and we get along well.

16. When I was younger….. I was a huge Michigan fan and never thought I would be at Notre Dame.

17. If there was one thing about my time at Notre Dame I could change it would be… Besides my injuries, probably nothing, I have enjoyed every moment.

18. If you were a cartoon character who would it be? I would like to be Homer Simpson so I could sit around and watch TV and not worry about running 100 mile weeks.

19. Who is your role model? My parents who have given me so much support. My Mom makes it to every meet she can. In terms of running, Luke Watson who was so intelligent about training and listening to his body.

20. If you were on an island and could only have one meal, only listen to one song and be with only one person for the rest of your life, what and who would pick? I would be with my best friend Sean Newsom because we could find humor in anything. For my song it would be anything by Live, preferably Selling the Drama and for my meal it would have to be a Gordita from Taco Bell!

Bonus: Comment where you see this year’s cross country team headed and about the up coming Catholic National Championships: Some of our top guys will not be running in the meet but I would be surprised if we did not win the meet. This year our team is coming together well. We have a few minor injuries but we are going to surprise some people and be much better than I think we expect to be.