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20 Questions With Matt Scott

1. Full name: Matthew Kyle Scott

2. Birthdate: August 5, 1981

3. Hometown: Toronto, Canada

4. Major: Political Science

5. Hardest class: Intermediate Macro – Economics

6. Favorite class: American Government with Tillery.

7. Favorite team to play against: Illinois.

8. Biggest game of the season: Illinois.

9. Favorite Notre Dame athletic team (other than my own): Football.

10. In 20 years what do you see yourself doing? Still looking for a job.

11. What is your favorite thing about playing for Notre Dame? Tradition of academic and athletic greatness.

12. My greatest personal athletic moment: Beating Phil Metz (Ohio State) when he was ranked 12th in the nation.

13. Before games I: Say a prayer with teammate Luis Haddock.

14. The area I am working hardest to improve is: My net game and second serve.

15. Movie title that best describes my life: Boogie Nights.

16. Favorite place to hang out on campus: SMC.

17. The thing I miss most about home is: My family.

18. Which professional athlete in your sport would you say your game is best patterned after? Andre Agassi.

19. Who is your role model (athletic/otherwise)? My Dad.

20. What is the best advice you have ever been given? Show some poise. . .(from Coach Bob Bayliss)