Marissa Treece in action.

20 Questions with Cross Country's Marissa Treece

Oct. 16, 2008

Marissa Treece returned in 2008 as one of the top runners for the Irish women’s cross country squad. The sophomore from Traverse City, Mich. has been successful so far this season, finishing first at the Valparaiso Invitational and second at the National Catholic Championships, while leading the Irish women’s team to two first-place finishes. Treece also finished 38th at the Notre Dame Invitational. She won the individual title in her collegiate debut, taking top honors at last year’s Crusader Open.

1. What is the most notable thing about your hometown?

Traverse City (Mich.) is the National Cherry Capital.

2. Do you have any nicknames?

Riss, Reese, PeeWee and iPod

3. If you had your own energy drink, what would it be called?


4. What television show would you like to make a cameo on?

The Real World

5. Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?

Not usually, I just take it easy.

6. What is your most embarrassing moment on the track?

Before a race in eighth grade, I decided I was going to do a hurdle, and I fell really hard.

7. If a movie was made about your life, what would the title be and who would play you?

Dazed and Confused 2, and Samaire Armstrong (Anna from The OC) would be me.

8. What artist takes up the most of your iPod/music player?

A little bit of everything, but right now I’m on a “Boys Like Girls” kick.

9. When you were little, who was your favorite cartoon character?

This is cliché, but the Road Runner.

10. Where do you want to be in ten years?

Driving around in my Mini-Cooper on my way to meet up with my very attractive husband for lunch.

11. What’s your worst habit?

Eating dessert.

12. What’s your theme song?

I’ll Make a Man Out of You from the Mulan soundtrack

13. If you could trade places with Coach Connelly for a day, what would you do?

I would have a midnight practice.

14. When you were younger, what were you always getting in trouble for?

Fighting with my brother, and making boys cry.

15. What is your favorite memory with your Irish teammates?

Listening to loud music with Ann (Mazur) in Emily’s (Wauford) car.

16. Other than the Irish, what is your favorite sports team?

The Detroit Tigers.

17. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Denzel Washington or George Clooney. I think the reasons are obvious.

18. Where is your favorite place at Notre Dame?

My couch or The Grotto

19. Which has been the biggest race of your career?

The 2008 World Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland.

20. What does being part of the Fighting Irish mean to you?

It means that I’ll bleed Blue and Gold forever.