Thanhouser is in his third season with the Irish.

20 Questions With Bill Thanhouser

April 7, 2008

1. Use some words to describe yourself.
Thoughtful, confused, tired (it is a constant adjective).

2. Describe your perfect day — who would you spend it with, what would you do, where would you be?
I would be with my family and we would be traveling somewhere, hopefully someplace exciting. Maybe doing something athletic like hiking or climbing. Maybe in South America or Asia, it would be really fun.

3. What is your pre-game routine?
Sleep as long as possible. Get up, eat a good breakfast, stay relaxed and rested, and then spend some time alone and focus and get fully warmed up. Then try to keep my mind off of the sport and be ready when it comes.

4. Other than the Irish, what is your favorite sports team?
The Portland Trail Blazers. I am from Portland and that is the only major league sport that they really have, so that is all that I’ve got.

5. What do you miss the most about being at home?
Mild weather. Forty degrees and raining is my perfect weather. I like hills and pine trees. I miss them and everything about (home).

6. Who was the most famous person you have ever met?
I went to Bruce Willis’ birthday party. I don’t know if that counts because I didn’t meet him, but my friend is in “Transformers” and a couple other movies. I guess he is famous too. His name is John Robinson. He took me to Bruce Willis’ birthday party. I saw him at least.

7. If your life was to be turned into a movie, what genre would it be; what would the title be; what actor would you have star in it?
No one would want to produce a movie about my life. I guess it would probably be an independent film; some really cheesy, introspective piece about some guy being overly self-indulgent. I would make my best friend (actor John Robinson) play me — it would be really funny.

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Right now, I want to go to Croatia.

9. What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
I don’t think they are appropriate to say. Nothing too embarrassing. My brother beats up on me. That’s about it.

10. What is the best advice you have received? Who was it from?
My dad told me once that the most important things to remember were family, health, friends and a job and to make sure everything is in good order. He told me they are good things to check and make sure everything is going right with those.

11. What are you listening to on your iPod right now?
The Go! Team-Huddle Formation

12. If you had the choice to travel either forward or backward in time, which would you choose? Why?
Forward in time, because I could see what all the new technologies would be. I would probably be able to go into space or something and it would be awesome.

13. Where is your favorite place at Notre Dame?
The fencing gym. I like that place a lot.

14. What is your major? Why did you choose this major?
I am a Program of Liberal Studies major and I chose it because I like small classes and being able to interact with my peers and not just listen to a teacher talk for an hour everyday.

15. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
That I am still tired. Why doesn’t sleep do its job?

16. Do you have any siblings?
I have three brothers — two older and one younger.

17. What is your favorite class or professor so far at Notre Dame, and why?
My favorite class might have been my first semester University Seminar. I had a Program of Liberal Studies professor and he kind of got me to my major and made me realize that is what I wanted to do. His name is Professor Sloan and he has been here since like 1970. He is a really old guy and he is really smart. I am still friends with most of the people in that first semester class which was really nice to meet my greatest friends so early.

18. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would you eat?
Probably pot stickers; any type of dumpling with bread around it is all I need.

19. Who was your role model as a child? Why? Has your role model changed now that you are older?
I guess my brothers. I have two older brothers and I look up to them. Not really one or the other but I kind of just combine the best parts of each one. I still look up to my brothers, even my younger one. They are so unique in their own ways. I hope to take the best parts of each of them and put them in my own life.

20.How has being a student and athlete at Notre Dame influenced your life?
Being at Notre Dame makes me miss home a lot more. It makes me appreciate rain and Oregon.