Sept. 8, 2008

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame’s 1988 national championship football squad will return to campus this weekend for its 20th anniversary reunion.

Returning players and coaches will receive commemorative jerseys and hats from adidas – and they will be honored Saturday during the Notre Dame-Michigan football game at Notre Dame Stadium.

The ’88 national champions, including head coach Lou Holtz, also will be recognized at the Friday Kickoff Luncheon at the Joyce Center fieldhouse – and returning members of the squad will be seated on the floor and honored at the Friday night pep rally at the Joyce Center arena.

The Notre Dame Monogram Club has organized all reunion events.

Squad members (players, coaches and others) tentatively expected to return include Steve Alaniz, Brad Alge, Joe Allen, Mickey Anderson, Braxston Banks, Gerald Bodine, Ned Bolcar, Mike Brennan, Tony Brooks, Dean Brown, Derek Brown, Scott Bufton, coach Pete Cordelli, Marc deManigold, Doug DiOrio, Richard Earley, Pat Eilers, Joe Farrell, Ted FitzGerald, Bryan Flannery, John Foley, Steve Fortunato, D’Juan Francisco, Mike Gatti, Tom Gorman, Pete Graham, Mark Green, Michael Green, Donn Grimm, Tim Grunhard, Justin Hall, Pete Hartweger, Reggie Ho, Raghib Ismail and Joe Jarosz.

Others returning are Andre Jones, Mirko Jurkovic, Chuck Killian, Jim Kinsherf, Lindsay Knapp, Scott Kowalkowski, Todd Lyght, Devon McDonald, Gene McGuire, Ted McNamara, Kevin McShane, Ryan Mihalko, Jason Palermo, George Poorman, David Prinzivalli, Wes Pritchett, Tony Rice, Aaron Robb, Steve Roddy, Tim Ryan, Martin Scruggs, Jim Sexton, Brian Shannon, Stan Smagala, Corny Southall, Frank Stams, Michael Stonebreaker, George Streeter, coach Jim Strong, Pat Terrell, Rod West, Darryl Wodecki, coach Tony Yelovich, and Kurt Zackrison.

— ND —